The economics of “Big Deals”: Pricing bundles

This is the first of what may become a longer series of blog posts addressing some of the economic issues surrounding Big Deals.

The so-called “Big Deal” is a whole collection subscription package offered by journal publishers to libraries whereby libraries can purchase a publisher’s entire collection of journals at a significant discount over the sum of individual journal subscriptions. These arrangements are frequently welcomed by libraries because of the subscription discount provided, while publishers identify these same discounts as a demonstration of their overall concern for the financial welfare of the scholarly communities they serve. Continue reading

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Responses to four questions posed for the UUK OA monograph working group

I have been invited to be part of a working group established by Universities UK to consider Open Access monographs. Prior to the first meeting next month all participants have been asked to answer four questions:

  • What are the key barriers of OA monographs?
  • What do stakeholders expect from a transition to OA monographs, and how might they seek to approach this transition?
  • What are the characteristics of monographs that should be retained in any new system?
  • What does the optimal future of the monograph look like?

This post gives my responses to these questions. Professor Martin Eve has also responded on his blog. Continue reading

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